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It is one of those charming agritourism accommodation in Menorca. And it was the first that opened in 1993. It is about 5 minutes from two of the most visited coves on the island; Mitjana and Galdana and a few kms from Ferreries.
I arrived in the afternoon when it was already dark and at my arrival Sebastian welcomed me with a smile and showed me my room. The rest of the house I discovered in the morning, with more light. That’s when I saw that wonderful pool they have in the middle of the garden.

Binisaid Agrotourism

The house is an old Menorcan house that is divided into 7 different rooms. 4 of them are doubles and with private bathroom. In each one of them, the decoration is different, simple and without big adornments what you wait for a few days of tranquility in an agroturismo in Menorca.
The largest room of the house is actually an apartment that is divided into three rooms with a shared bathroom and a living room in which there is a TV, a dining table and a kitchen.
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Eating out in Binisaid

If you have not been to Menorca before, as was my case, you will realize that many agrotourisms, despite being a few kms from the villages are not within a recommended distance to go on foot. Or you just will not feel like it if you take the whole day tour of the island.
That is why it is a very good point that the accommodation offers a kitchen service or have a menu to choose from several dishes.

In Binisaid, they have four different menu types; Both for lunch and dinner. The menu basically consists of vegetables from your Orchard or from the farm where they have lambs. I had a mixed salad of spinach and lettuce, some sobrasada skewers with honey and roasted lamb with potatoes which was delicious. I still remember its flavor and how tender it was … so when you stay there, if you are on the menu do not hesitate to ask.

The menu price is € 24 and they also prepare takeaway sandwiches in case you go to spend the day outside.

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Homemade breakfast

Dawn in Binisaid and on the back porch of the house awaits the exquisite breakfast, whether winter or summer. If it’s a little cool, turn the heaters on and go. Most of the products at breakfast are typical Menorcan and even made by them at home like jam. Besides everything is great is a pleasure to have breakfast in peace with the sound of the birds singing in the background.

My opinion

Binisaid is an official lodging of the horse trail, and to which companies that organize the way count on them like official lodging. This makes them open all year round and comes in handy especially for its location. It is in the center of the island, so to hike to different spots on different days as base is great.

Something that I especially liked in my trip to Menorca, is the human value. Everyone is very friendly and they have no problem sitting down to have dinner with you, as Sebastiá did, to tell you things about the island, its gastronomy or your favorite places to visit.

If all the accommodations were run by such people, traveling would still be a most incredible experience.

Agroturismo Binisaid

** I was invited to stay in Binisaid as part of my trip to Menorca. Opinions are mine and free from any agreement. **

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