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One of the most famous markets to visit in London is Borough Market, especially if you like the most gastronomy. There are stalls of typical British food, but also of many other parts of the world.

I had been before many times in London, but never in Borough Market. He was always in a hurry to see other things, shopping or accompanying relatives on his first visit to the city so setting priorities never got there.

Borough Market: History

It is one of the largest and oldest markets in the British capital. It is believed that this has been the location of a food market since Roman times, where producers from the outskirts of the city had to put their jobs because the London authorities would not let them sell in the city, so they decided to put The market there right at the busiest entrance gate of the city.

After a period of decline, in the 1990s a group of young entrepreneurs had the brilliant idea of ​​revitalizing the Borough market with the firm conviction of selling only top quality food and mainly of British producers. Making it a must-see for gastronomic lovers from all over the world.

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My visit to Borough Market

On this trip and taking advantage of traveling with a small gourmet, I decided to pay attention to my philosophy of slow tourism and dedicate a whole morning to visit the market and give myself completely to the pleasure of gastronomy.

Getting to Borough Market is very easy by subway as the nearest mouth is right in front of one of the market gates, but if it’s a good day I recommend you stroll along the South Bank, the south bank of the River Thames .

There are many types of food, worth not being able to try them all or buying a little of each, why I would come with the loaded bag.

The market is divided into two different zones; The one of fresh products and the one of “street food”. In London, where the most common and practical is to buy in large stores is now when these types of markets are starting to have more value. They are markets in which you are in direct contact with the producer, giving an added value to the purchase and certifying the quality of the product.

What to eat at Borough Market?

The truth is that there is an incredible variety of foods; You can try everything from paella to hamburgers, and it is hard to resist the temptation. This is what I decided to eat.

Pulled Pork.

A delicious pork sandwich, macerated with Korean kimchi and served on a bread with lettuce, onion and cheddar cheese sauce (perfect for balancing the spicy kimchi).

Although at first glance it does not seem very large, we ate it in 3. I alone would not have been able to finish it.

Price: 7 pounds.

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Venison Highland Burger

A delicious hamburger with beef steak from the Scottish Highlands. Made right on the grill and served on bun bread with lettuce, caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese. Another delight of the market that we also share among the three.
Price: 7 pounds

And the dessert … a coffee and a giant cookie.

There is only one coffee stand on the market, which serves all kinds of coffees and as all you can find in Borough M. is very rich. Of those who take your coffee monkey out of the truth when you’re abroad.

Sweet places there are a few if chocolate, cakes, cookies and giant cookies! And of course, we did not opt ​​for the giant. A biscuit with chunks of 3 chocolates larger than my face.

Coffee + cookie: 4 pounds.

¿Is Borough Market expensive?

The answer is no. It is true that compared to other countries’ prices a 7 pound snack may seem expensive, but you have to compare it with London prices, where for less than that price it is difficult to eat well. The quality of Borough is exquisite, and there you can eat things that you will hardly find anywhere else. Also, the portions are very generous, so it is worth sharing with someone especially to try different things.

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Visit Borough Market


Underground: London Bridge station, once in the street you’ll see “Borough Market” signs. It is just opposite across the street.

You can go walking by the Thames too.

Opening hours:

Monday and Tuesday for lunch : 10:00-17:00

Full Market: Wednesday and Thursday: 10:00-17:00

Friday: 10:00-18:00

Saturday: 08:00-17:00

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