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Tren de Bruselas a Gante 1

Train from Brussels airport to Ghent

On my trip to Flanders, the main idea was to rent a car to move between cities. I like driving and being able to stop along the way if I see something I like, but there are some countries…

Hotel en Gante (5)

My hotel in Ghent; Sleeping at an art galery

In a city with as much history as Ghent, the most logical thing was to stay in a hotel with the same historical atmosphere. Let me give you a brief introduction to Hotel Verhaeren; It is a small boutique…

Fotos instagram Flandes

Most instagramable places in Flanders

The picturesque streets of the cities of Flanders have always been one of the icons of the region. If we join that, to its gastronomic culture and the life that is in its streets during the day, cities like…

Hoteles en Menorca (1)

Hotels in Menorca | My selection

Less well-known than its neighbors, Menorca, little by little it is fashionable, and except in the highest season in summer, it is a spectacular place to escape to its paradise white sand beaches and to taste its delicious local cuisine.…

Que ver en Indonesia 8

Places to visit in Indonesia

Despite having traveled a lot in recent years, every destination is always a new adventure, especially when traveling alone. From Ireland to Menorca, I have crossed many of the destinations that I had in my wish list, but without…


Don’t be a beginner in Flanders

When we travel across Europe it seems that everything will be easier. If you speak a little English and have guidance everything will be much easier. However there is something we often forget. Cultural differences, in transport or in…

Cala en Turqueta

Coves in Menorca

Fine white sand, an incredible turquoise sea and a landscape of vertigo cliffs. Such are the coves of the south of Menorca, that have nothing to envy to the known beaches of the Caribbean. In the north however the…