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Hoteles en Menorca (1)

Hotels in Menorca | My selection

Less well-known than its neighbors, Menorca, little by little it is fashionable, and except in the highest season in summer, it is a spectacular place to escape to its paradise white sand beaches and to taste its delicious local cuisine.…

Cala en Turqueta

Coves in Menorca

Fine white sand, an incredible turquoise sea and a landscape of vertigo cliffs. Such are the coves of the south of Menorca, that have nothing to envy to the known beaches of the Caribbean. In the north however the…

que ver en Menorca2
Comer en... Menorca

4 days in Menorca

Within being a small island, Menorca has many things to visit and according to your tastes, the stay on the island could be extended for a few days. I ran from west to east in 4 days and although…

Hotel en Mahon2

Can Roca Nou | Boutique hotel in Mahon

Arrive in somewhat tired, after a full day visiting the coves. All I wanted was to get to my hotel and sit for a while to rest. I knew I had the perfect spot for the photos I had…

Alojamiento Menorca Matxani3

Matxani Gran | Boutique hotel in Menorca

When I looked for hotels in Menorca I wanted typical accommodations, just like the restaurants, that were managed by people from there who could tell me things about the island and curiosities. And that was precisely what I found…

Agroturismo Binisaid Menorca3

Binisaid and its quietness | Hotel en Menorca

It is one of those charming agritourism accommodation in Menorca. And it was the first that opened in 1993. It is about 5 minutes from two of the most visited coves on the island; Mitjana and Galdana and a…