My hotel in Ghent; Sleeping at an art galery

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In a city with as much history as Ghent, the most logical thing was to stay in a hotel with the same historical atmosphere. Let me give you a brief introduction to Hotel Verhaeren; It is a small boutique hotel just 5 minutes walk from the Saint Michaels Bridge.

Impressed, this is how I felt the first time I entered the hotel that was my home during the 2 days I spent in Ghent.

If I had been told it was an art gallery, I would have believed it 100% and now I will explain you why.

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The history of the hotel

The hotel is located in a building built mainly in the second half of the eighteenth century. Throughout its long history, the building has undergone through several changes but the decoration has remained almost intact; The Chinese style wallpaper in one of its meeting rooms, even a painting with Ghent scenes in its main hall which was later combined with an original turquoise.

After many years, it arrived almost untouched to its present owners; Jan and Marc. 2 interior designers who, of course, saw in the building a gift.

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State of the art design

The house is divided into 2 zones, The ground floor, where the living room is, dining room, kitchen and offices. When you stay at a design hotel, you can imagine that you will find great interiors. Antique furniture, marble tables, crafts from around the world and touches of color in every corner. Each room of the hotel has its own identity but if there is something that all of them have in common is its impeccable style.

Something I really liked about the hotel downstairs was its secret garden. I say secret because it is in the inner part of the house and can’t seen from the outside. It’s a perfect spot to sit or read or stroll away from the noise and stress of the streets at rush hour.

The house is very bright thanks to the windows during the day and at first and last hours a dim light gives a relaxed atmosphere.

A large wooden staircase gives access to the upper floor. You will have the feeling of being in a palace. On the top floor we find the rooms. Strolling the halls, you will see all kinds of works of art, antiques and decorations. And of course fresh flowers, many of them caught from the house garden.

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The hotel has 4 rooms, all of them decorated in a different style and adapted to the needs of today. They are spacious, with high ceilings and different areas. In the central area, there is the bed. Huge, occupying most of the room. All of them have a bathtub in which you can relax after a day of walking in the streets of Ghent. And if you like amenities, this will be your paradise because there is everything.

Breakfasts at Hotel Verhaegen are another madness. You choose it once you check in and you can take it both in the room and in the dining room. You can choose between juices, coffees, pastries, eggs … There is everything you can imagine. I requested it the first morning in the room. It is a pleasure to have breakfast in your pijamas and enjoying your inner peace.

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My opinion

Jan and Marc are the heart of HV, lovers of their home and their work and that is transmitted in everything they do. They are always there if you need it and as much as you wake up there they are to prepare your breakfast and have an entertaining talk. If you are still doubting about your hotel, feeling at home is always an added value.

Do you want to feel the same? Book a night at Hotel Verhaegen.

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