Coves in Menorca

Cala en Turqueta

Fine white sand, an incredible turquoise sea and a landscape of vertigo cliffs. Such are the coves of the south of Menorca, that have nothing to envy to the known beaches of the Caribbean. In the north however the landscape is completely different; Beaches of red sand that looks from another planet and a sea of intense blue.

This is my selection of the most amazing coves in Menorca.

Things you need to know before you go

Narrow roads

The main access to the coves is not near the villages, so you have to go by county roads to the nearest parking. The access to most of them is made by very narrow roads in which, in many cases only a car fits. To do this in some, as in Turqueta every few meters there are wider pieces in which to move away and give way.

Where to park

Almost all the beaches in Menorca have a public parking at the entrance of the pedestrian path. The most popular beaches such as Turqueta or Macarella have large car parks, but finding a place or not depends on the time you go.

How to get to the coves

From each of the car parks there is a pedestrian path that leads directly to the cove. The path is made by the forest and although it is not very difficult it is always advisable to wear comfortable shoes and pay attention to the path.

In other coves such as Trebaluger or Escorxada, you can reach directly from other larger coves. That is, you have to leave the car parked in one of the main car parks and walk along the road that follows the forest once you have reached the first cove.

The best coves and beaches in the south of Menorca

Cala en Turqueta

How to get there: From Ciutadella by the R2 and take the road from Son encinar. You will find a cross that leads to Cala Turqueta and Cala Macarella. The road on the right is Cami de Cala in Turqueta.

Distance from the car park: 10 minutes by a simple road.

It is a beautiful unspoiled beach with an amazing turquoise blue sea, especially since it is accessed after a 10-minute walk through a pine forest. With more than 100 meters in length, it is one of the most frequented in summer so if you visit it make sure you arrive soon.

If you want to have a different view of the cove, on your left side there is a path where you can continue walking through the forest and enjoy the views of the cliff.

Cala Macarella

Cala Macarella and Macarelleta

How to get there: In the same way as Cala in Turqueta, only at the junction you will have to take the road on the left; Camí de Macarella.

Distance from the car park: 10 minutes by a narrow but simple road.

Turquoise waters and white sand Both are connected by a path at the edge of the cliff with stunning views midway. While Macarella is a larger beach, its neighbor is a smaller and sheltered cove. They are two of the best coves in Menorca, but this also makes them crowded in summer.

Cala Mitjana and Mitjaneta

How to get there: From Ferreries by the ME 22 at 10 minutes you will see the junction for the car park.

Distance from the car park: 5 minutes by a wide and comfortable road.

They are two coves that are so close that they can become one. From the road you will see some wooden stairs leading down to Mitjana, the larger of the two. It is a cove enclosed between the cliffs, which gives a feeling of being in a natural pool.

Calas de Menorca 2

Cala Trebaluger

How to get there: On foot from Cala Mitjana by a path through the forest of about 40 minutes. Most of the way is very comfortable, only the end can be something more complicated.

It is one of those hidden coves of Menorca that, being more than 30 minutes walk from the parking lot, is much less crowded in summer. It is a long beach of clear waters to which many people prefer to arrive by boat.

Cales Coves

How to get there: From Alaior on the road leading to Cala Porter. From Mahón by the ME12. At the roundabout follow the Camí de Cales Coves.

Distance from the car park: 10 minutes to the first cove.

The cliffs of these coves are full of caves, hence their name. The caves were inhabited and converted into a hippie commune in the 70’s. Nowadays only some of the caves are open but that is the magic of limes coves. You can tour the cliff in your search and admire the views of the coast at your feet.

They are close to Sant Climent and are more visited by neighbors than by tourists. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon is when you are better off.

Calas de Menorca 1


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