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4 days in Menorca

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Within being a small island, Menorca has many things to visit and according to your tastes, the stay on the island could be extended for a few days. I ran from west to east in 4 days and although things remained in the inkwell, I was able to enjoy every aspect of the island.

Day 1; Get Lost in Ciutadella

I recommend you take an early flight, early morning we do not like anyone but that will allow you to reach the island at the point of the morning and not miss any time of day. The flight arrives to Mahon, where you will take the rental car to go directly to the other end of the island; Ciutadella.

Ciutadella was the capital of Menorca for many years and that is why you will find most of the palaces and places to visit. If it is a day when there are not many people you can park in Passeig de Sant Nicolau and from there walk to the center.

The first thing you will see is the Plaza del Borne and there are some of the most representative buildings of the city such as the town hall, several palaces or the church of San Francisco de Assis.

If you continue straight along a street that opens from the center of the square, you will see the cathedral in the background. From there, if you want to get to the plaza de las palmeras you will pass by one of the most frequented streets of the city; Ses Voltes. It is a street with porches with arches on both sides, and under the porches there are many shops of all kinds. Come on, the perfect street if you want to buy souvenirs.

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Do not forget to go halfway down Calle Seminari to visit the “Mercal del Peix”. It is the local market square, an old building of green and white tiles very well distributed in which you will be able to buy, mostly, products 100% menorquines.

At noon if you want to eat well, typical and healthy I recommend El Tast de na Silvia. The only restaurant Slow food of the Balearic Islands and that defends the traditional cuisine menorquina and products km0. In addition to their menu, they offer a menu of € 20 which is more than good quality.

In the afternoon I recommend you take a stroll around the port area. From the square of the post, to the left of the tourist office, there is an access to a lookout over the harbor with incredible views of the wall and the moored boats.

If you continue walking around Passeig de Sant Nicolau, where you will have parked the car, at the bottom there is a walk that on windy days is ideal for walking and enjoy the views of the cliffs of the city.

Day 2; It’s time to explore the coves of Menorca

The second day it is best to take advantage that you are in the west of the island to go east from cove to cove. Leaving Ciutadella the first one I visited was Cala en Turqueta. It is about 13kms from Ciutadella and from the parking there is less than 10 min to the beach. It is a not very large cove of calm and crystalline waters. Be sure to arrive early if you are going in summer.

The next from there is Cala Macarella and its neighbour Macarelleta. You can reach them from the same junction that goes from the most general road to Turqueta. Also from the parking there is about 10 min walking.

Macarella is a broader beach than Turqueta but with equally clear waters. The passage to Macarelleta is made by a path that is not difficult at the edge of the cliff and from the viewpoint that is midway there are incredible views.

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The next ones on my route were Mitjana and Mitjaneta. They are about 9 kms from ferreries and although you can park in the urbanization near the entrance to the beach, it has an exclusive car park so I would recommend you park there. Mitjana is a cove of fine white sand of rather small size.

If you dare to walk for about 30 more minutes I encourage you to go up the stairs to the right of the beach and follow the path through the forest. You will reach the next beach; Cala Trebaluger. It is a beach that, being somewhat more inaccessible, is not usually so saturated in high season. It is also somewhat longer than the other coves that are better known.

The last one on my route was Cales Coves. It is a more hidden cove and on the walls of the cliffs there are caves in which in the 70’s came to be a commune of hippies. If you walk along the paths leading to the caves you will have a beautiful view of the bay.

Día 3; Local cheese and Mahón, the capital city

This day will have as final destination Mahon, to the east of the island. As the beginning of this day, I suggest that you visit a cheese factory in the morning. There are many on the island but not all make visits, at least organized, so inquire before going.

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I chose Subaida, 5 kms from Alaior. There they raise their own cows, which feed on the grains they sow. It has 3 types of cheese, beef and carnitxulla. Take advantage and do a tasting.

After tasting, it’s time to head to the north coast. As there is not a road that travels the coast, if not that you have to climb from the main road for smaller ones (not even called secondary) to every place to visit, I went to the farthest and then approaching.

The first site I visited was Cala Pregonda. Until it is reached by the beach of, a long beach of red sand and a sea of intense navy blue, exactly like Pregonda cove. It is curious to see them after having visited the coves of the south, completely different.

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The second stop was the Faro de Cavalleria. In low season it is usually closed to the public but only because of the views from there and on the way, it is worth going up there. You will have to be careful if it is a day of strong winds as it can be dangerous.

Returning to the main route, you can stop in the village of Fornells. It is a small town but from its tower there are beautiful views and also there are some of the best stews in Menorca.

The last stop on this route before arriving in Mahon will be the Faro de Favaritx. When you arrive you will realize that the landscape changes completely and that the coast is now black. You will have passed from the reddish landscapes of the north to these black cliffs in a few kilometers.

Día 4; Visit to Mahón

Bearing in mind that your flight leaves like mine in the late afternoon, you will have all day to visit Mahon.

The route through the capital of the island is very easy to see if you start from the plaza del princep in which is the church of Carmen and a characteristic sculpture of a horse.

Walking through the center, you will find other important monuments like the church of Santa Maria, the post office or the museum of Menorca. Pay attention to the alleys because at the end of one of them there are beautiful viewpoints over the port.

If you want to go down to the port, from the coast to be voltes you will arrive in about 5-10 minutes and you can take a walk there or sit for a drink on any of its terraces.

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After this route, it will be time to return home from Mahon airport. Remember to return the car in time to be able to pass after the controls and board without problems.


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