My top 3 Brunch places in Barcelona

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The brunch fashion has come on strong, and Barcelona was not going to be less. Getting up without hurry is a luxury that we can give alone (or almost) on Sundays and do not fool ourselves, we all fancy a good breakfast, with a little of everything; Sweet, salty, a nourishing juice … that yes a table set.

In some restaurants brunch is part of your weekend menu, but in others, you can enjoy the same dishes also any day during the week. In many of them they do not reserve a table, so you may have to wait when you arrive. So that you do not make a bad choice and waste your time waiting in line, this is my Brunch selection in Barcelona (for the moment).

My top 3 Brunch places in Barcelona

Brunch & Cake

One of my favorites was the first one I went to in Barcelona a few months ago to have my first brunch experience. It was one of the first to be known as a brunch place and today is one of the best known. Its decoration in soft colors makes it a pleasant and relaxed place and the presentation of its dishes is super original. Sometimes it is almost better to go alone because it will be the only way to not be waiting for hours to have a table.

My favorite dish: The quinoa salad.

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I discovered it thanks to a friend one of those days in which you are going to walk in the morning before eating. It’s a narrow restaurant but not overbearing. They have a long menu for all tastes ranging from the well-known eggs benedict to vegan sandwich. They open early in the morning for breakfast until the time of cocktails at the end of the night, which makes it a good choice at any time of the day.

Do not expect long queues, at least if you go a little before the rush hour, another point in your favor.

My favorite dish: El capuccino freddo.

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I would say it’s a very me restaurant, I’ll explain; It is a spacious place, with lots of light, just decoration and a big world map on the wall. But he is also very much of the others, as the numerous photos on Instagram show. The letter is not very extensive, but you will not miss anything. Their dishes are full of color and are very tasty.

His strongest point anyway is his staff, we arrived without reservation a group of 7 people. Even though they had the reserved tables, they made a gap between reservation and reservation so we could brunch at a large table where we could all fit in.

My favorite dish: Pancakes

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I like eggs and cheese, that’s no secret, so when I saw the bagles I could not resist. Oma is a small restaurant, but between you and me, it is my favorite so far. I loved their modern but simple decor, nothing fancy. Their fruit juices are very fresh and do not hesitate to put any more ingredients if you ask for it.

It is located in the center of Barcelona in an area where there are many bars where you can continue to have a drink once you finish eating there.

My favorite dish: Eggs benedict with bacon and arugula.

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