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Typical London Food; Pie and Mash

Pie & Mash Restaurante Londres 3

Broadway Market is a street about 30 minutes north of central London. Away from the tourist area, it is very well connected by both overground and buses. In addition to all the restaurants that already exist in the street, the walk is full of stalls of local food and other parts of the world and also a multitude of pints and secondhand clothes.

A traditional English food restaurant

In F Cook have been cooking their Pie & Mash almost 200 years. It was the great-grandfather of the present owner, Bob, who opened this restaurant in the Hackney neighborhood, north of London. At that time, maybe there were more restaurants of this type in the area, but nowadays it is difficult to find a place where to eat well, forceful and cheap.

Pie & Mash Restaurante Londres

The British food does not have very good reputation, and I really do not understand why. Although not characterized by particularly light foods there are restaurants where we can still find that meal of a lifetime. They were the first to offer pie and mashed potatoes together in the same dish with parsley sauce in the early 1860s.

It is a restaurant that 10 years ago would have been an old-fashioned boy, but nowadays we would consider it vintage. Come, you have charm of the old; Tiled walls, worn mirrors, old soda decor and a few wooden tables with benches.

On the other side of the bar, Bob serves hand to the empanadas fresh out of the oven. Next to the tray, in brass cubes, have the mashed potatoes and the parsley sauce.

Pie & Mash Restaurante Londres

What is the Pie and Mash?

It is one of the most typical dishes of English cuisine. The dish consists of an empanada stuffed with minced beef from Scotch veal cooked in its sauce and accompanied by mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes. In F Cook also put a parsley sauce to make it even more juicy.

The mass of the empanada is cooked in such a way that inside the meat is well sealed, this way, when you open it, the gravy inside is mixed with the sauce of the dish and if you take everything with the spoon and a little puree; It’s a mouthful delicious.

You can ask to eat in the restaurant, which is not usually packed or packed and you can compose your own menu; Just foot or a glass of salsa etc. That can only be paid in cash.

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Video | F. Cooke, the Pie & Mash in London

Cómo llegar

Overground; London Fields o Cambridge Heath y bus número 254 Mare Street Victoria Park Rd.

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