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Eating at home in Menorca | Es tast de na Silvia

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One of the main ideas of my trip to Menorca was to know its gastronomy with the help of local people, who dedicate themselves to it. And I can say that I have rarely enjoyed so much of the gastronomy of the place, but not for the fact of being simply eating, but because with each of the people I have met I have explained with all their love and all their passion something of The history of the island related to its gastronomy. One of those people is Silvia Anglada from the restaurant Es Tast de na Silvia.

My arrival in the island

I arrived at about 10:00 in the morning, they were waiting for me and they were my first hosts on the island. They helped me perfectly to get to the city and once there, know where to park.

I was talking to Silvia and Toni about the human and the divine, about how the cuisine and our eating habits have evolved. And they were giving me their point of view on the subject and how it has influenced in the gastronomy of the island so small but at the same time so rich.

A while later I went with Silvia to the market, which is very close to the restaurant and there we were watching where they order their main raw materials to later elaborate the dishes in their restaurant.

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Es Tast de na Silvia; Slow food in Menorca

Silvia and Toni formerly had the restaurant in the beach area and decided to move to the center of town just a couple of years ago. As soon as you enter, you breathe a complete peace. The restaurant maintains its original stone ceilings of which we are currently trying to find out the origin and the rest is a very simple decoration in white and very soft tones in the background is the kitchen that is in view of the living room and so, Everyone can see Silvia in action.

It is a restaurant of Slow Food and kilometer zero, which implies that its philosophy is to have food typically menorquines ecological free of any added, therefore they always have reliable suppliers that, some of them, sell in the market daily its fish products Responsible organic vegetables and meat.

Around the restaurant I was lucky enough to see Silvia in action during the service. At that time I thought about everything that implies the restoration and the fact of going to eat at the restaurant.

Silvia cooks in a way that seems like a friend who invited you to eat at her house. By this he means that seeing him work is incredible; So relaxed dominating everything in his kitchen, assembling the dishes one by one and ordering each thing he uses. It was a perfect experience to see him cooking from the chef’s table and then to try his dishes.

The menu of El tast de na Silvia

Eating my first day at Silvia and Toni’s restaurant for me was a complete energy kick when it came to introducing me to the Menorcan cuisine. They have a menu and a tasting menu at super affordable price for the quality and quantity of food served.

I stopped to orient myself and asked for the taste menu because there were also dishes that Silvia had spoken to me about and had told me a bit of history. What I ordered was white mango and baked streak and dessert Lemon pie “your way”.

At first I was beaten with homemade bread. If you are very “breadwinners”, like me, you will not deny that starting a meal with homemade bread and butter to spread it is not a sin of this world.

The appetizer was a plate of beets with garum, sweet chives and pickles. Honestly, I thought I would not like it because beets are not what I like the most in this world. But in this life you have to try everything, and if I had not eaten the beet in another dish, with the touch of the garum and the gherkin was good.

The white manjar is a typical menorcan dish, a soup made with almonds and chicken is delicious. The touch of the cream is that of a cream with a bit of almond pudding, which is terrific. Also on the bottom has a few turnip greens that help sweeten it. Which, I thought I was not going to like, but the truth is that it contributed a bit that touch of crisp.

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In addition Silvia serves the cream with meatballs made with the meat of the hen that has not been used for the stew. This was another of my surprises. The hen has a very intense flavor and it shows perfectly in this meatball that serves to accompany the cream, of a much softer flavor.

As a second course I chose the line. It was the first time she had eaten it and thought her flesh would be much more gelatinous. It is quite the opposite, eating sting is like eating meat. Its texture is intense, as if you were eating a sirloin.

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The striped loin was covered with purple onion which gives it a kind of bittersweet touch and also accompanied by a sauce with capers and a base of wheat. I loved how wheat helps lighten that body that has the streak.

The dessert was a Lemon Pie “in its own way”. It’s a destructed Lemon Pie with the crushed biscuit on the bottom, topped with the lemon cream and all over the burnt meringue. The lemon cream instead of being sour was very sweet but camouflaged perfectly with the cookie and the meringue from the top.

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My experience

There were two things that I especially liked to eat at El Tast de na Silvia. On the one hand their team, who share with you any kind of experience and all they know about Menorca cuisine and also talk about the producers. On the other hand what I liked most was to discover in recipes so basic so different flavors and to see how I could enjoy them although they are things that usually do not like me.

They have a menu and a € 20 menu with appetizer, first, second and dessert. Each day the menu is different because they work with seasonal products and are available in the market. Precisely that’s why it’s great because, never or not very often you’ll find the same dish. In addition your letter also varies according to the seasonal products.

Without a moment’s hesitation; A must on your next trip to Menorca


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