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During my last trip to Brussels, I had the opportunity to dine in one of the most charming restaurants in the city. I arrived at the web looking for restaurants with typical Belgian food in which I explained their way of elaboration with typical ingredients of the area, away from the famous frites and goffres (which I also tried).

Les Brigittines, a restaurant in the center of Brussels

I approached taking a walk, the truth is that it is very close to the Grand Place, about 10 minutes walk. It is located right next to the church of Notre Dame de la Chapelle.

Upon entering, I loved the art nouveau decor, with wood accents, lovely lamps and a fireplace that gives it a very welcoming touch. Chef Dirk Myny welcomed me with the kindness of whoever welcomes you in his house, and I sat at a table with him.

Dirk is Belgian on all four sides and claims it in his kitchen. Mother of Walloon and Flemish father in his restaurant bets on the traditional Belgian cuisine from sea snails to beer, always innovating with new techniques and blends.

I sat at a table in the back of the dining room from which I could see the whole restaurant as if I were the spectator of a play. I watched as people came in until it was completely filled and the “baile” started.

Enter the kitchen

I have never been to the kitchen of a restaurant in full service before. Chef Myny warned me that they would act as if I was not so I should be careful because they would walk with hot plates and pans from side to side.

It’s great to see the chef and his team cook. People delivered and who does their work with passion to give the best of themselves in each dish and that translates to how rich the food is.

The menu of les Brigittines, Brussels

I started dinner with a little-known aperitif; Olive oil with a little bread. The first entree was a veal tartar marinated with citrus and aromatic herbs. It was one of my favorite dishes, the contrast between the veal marinade and the cooked veal at the end of the tartar was delicious.

I remember it while I write it and it makes my mouth water …

Restaurante Bruselas Brigittines7

The second dish had a very peculiar flavor, and is one of the star dishes of the restaurant; The Zenne pot. A dish of cabbage and fence cooked with the typical beer of Brussels Cantillon; On it a sea snail. A dish that mixes the best of the land and the mountain.

All served with an organic glass of Gros Pet wine.

Restaurante Bruselas Brigittines7

The next dish I tried was duck hearts with mushrooms and their sauce. It was great, although I have to admit that if they tell me in advance that they are hearts, I think I would have said that I would rather eat something else. And I would have been wrong.

I also tried a vegetable tartar with very light citrus to eat between heavier dishes and a shrimp croquette.

Restaurante Bruselas Brigittines5

Restaurante Bruselas Brigittines1

The last dish were veal cheeks with béarnaise sauce and vegetable garnish. I had eaten quite a bit and could not finish it, but it gave me a terrible grief because it is one of the most tender meat I have ever eaten. It looked like butter.

Of course also accompanied by a glass of wine, in this case, red, because it was what was best for the meat.

Restaurante Bruselas Brigittines6

That if, however much I have dined there is always a hole for dessert. A delicious tiramisu cake with fruits, which I’m not very friendly, but they came in great to help lower dinner.

A different gastronomic experience in Brussels

Les Brigittines is a restaurant of those that we go when we want to give a little whim or on a special occasion. Their atmosphere is welcoming and the service very friendly.

Restaurante Bruselas Brigittines4

So I enjoyed the dinner and the preparation process of each dish. A unique experience, in a new city doing a bit of “slow travel” and enjoying one of the best pleasures.

Do not you feel like traveling to Brussels and trying?

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