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The picturesque streets of the cities of Flanders have always been one of the icons of the region. If we join that, to its gastronomic culture and the life that is in its streets during the day, cities like Ghent or Mechelen are a true gift for the photos we like to share in Instagram.

After my trip through the art cities, I have made a selection of corners that undoubtedly, you will want to photograph on your next trip.


It is one of the most famous streets of Ghent because here there is absolute freedom to paint on its walls. There are all kinds of graffitis and very different colors and styles. You will get lost there taking pictures before you realize how many hours you spent there.


This fairytale village is only 20-minute drive from Bruges. The path between the river and the trees is made easily by bike. Upon arrival you will see the main street, with low houses and tale main square.You can see the whole village in 10 minutes with the bike. At the bottom of the main street you’ll find the church; Half in ruins and with an apocalyptic touch. Especially on a cloudy day as it was the day I visited it.

Grand Beguinage of Leuven

Entering the great beguinage of Leuven is traveling to a parallel world, a city within a city. Its cobbled streets with red brick houses will make you think you are in a story. There still live university students who go to the city to do their doctorates and need a very quiet place finish it with good marks.

Should you like to live as they did in the past?

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Saturday Market

The streets around the cathedral of Leuven become a large market of local producers every Saturday. It is crazy to walk down there because you would like to buy everything; Cheeses, bread, fruits, flowers …

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Ghent Canals

The streets of Ghent are crazy and you will want to take photos at every corner. But I imagine you don’t want to go home with a bunch of boring postcards that you will never see again in your life, do you? One of the most beautiful places to take a picture are the Graslei and Korenlei docks with 100% Flemish houses from the 13th century to the present.

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Frites Frites Frites

How not, so typical of Belgium had to be in this selection. Traveling to Flanders and posting a photo of food in Instagram is like not being there. In all the cities you will find frites and waffle stands in case you get hungry halfway. Just make sure you focus on your best side and have a nice background. Something is not very difficult in Flanders.

Are you going to travel to Flanders in the near future? If you do use the hashtag #Flandesesabocados so you can follow your photos.

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