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If we talk about food in Ireland the first thing that comes to mind is mainly potato and Guinness beer; Known all over the world.

So on my visit to Dublin, I decided to do something different and relaxed; A gastronomic route through the city. It was not difficult for me to find a company that could offer it to me since Fab Food Trails is one of the few that take care of it in the city.

Getting to the meeting point is very easy since it is in the very center of the city. The groups are not very big (max .. 15 people) and once you get there the guide will give you a bottle of water.

Before starting the route, the most important thing is done; A brief introduction to the country’s gastronomy. It is surprising how Irish gastronomy has changed throughout history, but especially in recent years.

The stops are changing depending on the events and the season of the year.

Food tour in Dublin

Dolce Sicily

What better place to start the morning than an authentic Italian cafe. It is a difficult place to find because it is in a low on a street, not very busy, but its unmistakable pistachio green facade.

It’s a tiny place, but there we could have a leisurely coffee and a rich pistachio cannoli that was delicious.

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As soon as I entered this shop, I was impressed to see how many different cheeses there could be in such a small place. We went to the bottom of this little cheese museum where we got some basics about the Irish cheese and by the way we were able to try some.

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Lolly and Cooks

Located at one end of St George’s Arcade Market, this small booth is characterized by quality local food. Its counter full of colorful cupcakes is undoubtedly the most eye-catching, but its star dish is the Savage Roll; Filled mashed meat with natural mustard, onion, and different spices.

Perfect for a mid-morning snack while touring the city.

The Pepper Pot

This coffee cuckoo was the third stop on the route. Despite being located in a market that looks rather like a mall is known for its homemade food, especially the bagels.

Their cooks enter at 5 in the morning to start making the mass of these famous breads. The truth is that Bagels there are many in Ireland but none like The Pepper Pot. They were very tender, and the filling was not particularly hard.

Swan Pub

One of 12 Victorian pubs in Dublin today. The truth is that when you pass your door, you have the feeling of traveling in time. The walls and bar are wooden and perfectly decorated as it was in its origins except with some exceptions like rugby team jerseys or TV to watch matches.

There, in addition to telling us the history of the place, we were able to try one of his whiskeys; Power Gold Label for 12 years. A gastronomic tour is not complete without a shot of Irish Whiskey.

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The Oyster

It was one of our last stops. This position reminded me of the Istanbul fish market; A blue and white awning striped, a long table with chairs and in a corner his employees opening oysters.

I have to admit that if it were for me, it would not have been a stand I would have stopped at, but with a little lemon above it was delicious.

Food tour in Dublin with Fab Food Trails

¿Where? Meeting point is at Dawson St./ South Anne St.

¿When? Every Saturday at 10 AM

Price: 55€ Guided Visit + Tastings

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