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Downtown Las Vegas


Las Vegas is an impressive city where you can do anything 24 hours a day. Usually, most of the daily activity is concentrated on Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as the Strip. There are most thematic hotels in the city. However, Las Vegas is much more than your Strip, and there are a variety of places that you can visit if you get away from there.

Downtown Las Vegas

It is the ancient part of the city of sin. Its main street, Fermont St., is one of the first places in which casinos were created in the early 20th century, beyond the bustling Strip.

A few years ago in Fermont St. and its surroundings there were nothing more than a few bars and hotels that were very old and overcrowded. The Strip completely overshadowed Downtown with its large hotels. Thanks to the initiative of the businessmen of the area, it has been revitalized until becoming an area of ​​the city where you can have fun at any time of the day without having to pass the Strip.

The original facades of the Fermont street are still maintained, giving it a retro-romantic feel that makes it really interesting to visit.

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What to see in Downtown Las Vegas?

The world’s largest screen

Fermont st is a street covered by a large LED display; 28ms high, 460 meters long and 28 ms wide, the largest screen in the world, where every hour from 6pm to midnight is projected a light and sound show that lasts 6 minutes.

The images that are projected are seen with incredible quality, they are with special effects, to the sound of the music of groups like Bon Jovi or The Who. It is impressive to see how the lights of all the casinos in the street are turned off so that the show can be fully enjoyed. The street stops literally, and you find that everyone there is looking up, hallucinating with the show.

Downtown Las vegas

Action and fun

From side to side of the street hang two zip lines that will delight the most adventurous. Zipline starts at 24 ms high and runs halfway down Fermont St. Zoomline, is even more impressive, runs the entire street at a height of 35ms and face down.

Leisure, Shopping, and Restaurants

There are shops of all kinds, from souvenirs, memorabilia such as the Harley Davidson and small local shops. In addition, some of the oldest restaurants in the city are also there and offer the most authentic food you can imagine.

Las Vegas Neon Museum

Some of the most famous neon in Las Vegas are in this area of ​​the city, but if you really want to see them all, you can not miss visiting the museum dedicated exclusively to them. There you can see hundreds of posters already retired, some of the 30’s.

There are day and night visits, with all the lights on, that makes the visit completely different depending on the time you go.

Museo neones las vegas

How to get to Downtown Las Vegas?

By car or on foot:

It is very easy as the Strip itself reaches Downtown and the distance is 2 miles. If you decide to go by car, there are private car parks that charge about $ 15 a day, but if you go in the afternoon, it is cheaper to park on the street.

Las Vegas Strip & Downtown Express

It is a bus that goes from Las Vegas Boulevard to Downtown. It operates 24hrs with a frequency of 15 minutes. Its price: 8 $ the ticket for 24hrs

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